Kanban UX Change

Would be a welcome change to have Kanban lists “stack” instead of them going forever horizontally. That way those who have the app pinned to a corner of a display can view more “Status’s”. Would also improve visibility of a pending task that may not be assigned (like an open anyone can complete task). Considering there is already a task counter on each Status, these statuses could be “minimized” to save space in case there were for example 15 tasks in a given Status.

Hi, Landen! Appreciate the feedback. Not sure if we’d implement this UI update, but an immediate solution would be to collapse a few of the columns to free up space. To collapse, hover in the header next to the label’s name and click the arrow icon.

With that being said,
At this moment when you have a Status collapsed/minimized, it does not automatically expand/maximize when a new task is created within that Status.
This impacts visibility as only a small number count is on the bottom vs. having 1/5 being expanded when a task is created within that status.
Just this small automation would be a good QoL update, unless something like it exists that I am not seeing.
Thanks for the reply!