Modifier to add start (or end) date only to task in gantt view

The gantt view is great for visualizing projects, but is difficult to configure for our use case because we still have to go into task details to add a start date with no end date. I’d love to have a CMD+Click shortcut, or something like that, to add start dates visually in the gantt view. Alternatively, you could have Click be start date only, with the drag interaction activating an end date. Thanks for hearing me out!

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Hey, Jeff! You should be able to set the start/end dates of a task by configuring the length of the bars as needed. When creating a new task in gantt view, an initial click on the timeline will set the Start date, and extending the length of the bar to a specific date will set the Due/End date. Similarly, with existing tasks, manually adjusting the bar’s length will update the date attributes – you shouldn’t have to go into the task details to configure these dates.

Is this more of a request to support a shortcut that doesn’t require manual resizing of the gantt bars? Want to be sure that I understand :slight_smile:

Not quite, I was requesting a way to use Gantt but with NO end date. It’s possible to configure a task this way from the metadata, but not in the interactive gantt view. My suggestion was a modifier shortcut key (e.g. CMD+Click) to only set a start date, without initiating a draggable start-to-end range.

Understood, Jeff! I’ve filed this for consideration with the team. In the interim, you can configure tasks in the spreadsheet view to not have an end date and then switch to the gantt view.

Yup, this is what we’re doing today. Thanks Akila!

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Awesome! Happy to help!