New “Last Activity” attributes

Hello! We recently created a “dashboard” of activity, pulling in all tasks that have had any interaction in the last 2 weeks, sorting by that last activity, and then sectioning by the day that those activities happened within.

Then we found ourselves wanting two things:

  1. A way to know what that last activity was: it would be nice to have an attribute that’s populated with whatever the last thing is…just the text if you will.
  2. A way to filter out certain activities from the sort: so in this case we can just say “only sort by last activity when it’s a status change.”

Did you build that dashboard in Height using a smart list or in a different tool with the API?

It’s built as a smart list in Height

+1, would be indeed really useful. For example, I have a Smartlist called “To test” with tickets ready to test. I currently order those tickets by “last activity” as a proxy for “This ticket status is “ready to test” since xx days”.