New “Last Activity” attributes

Hello! We recently created a “dashboard” of activity, pulling in all tasks that have had any interaction in the last 2 weeks, sorting by that last activity, and then sectioning by the day that those activities happened within.

Then we found ourselves wanting two things:

  1. A way to know what that last activity was: it would be nice to have an attribute that’s populated with whatever the last thing is…just the text if you will.
  2. A way to filter out certain activities from the sort: so in this case we can just say “only sort by last activity when it’s a status change.”
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Did you build that dashboard in Height using a smart list or in a different tool with the API?

It’s built as a smart list in Height

+1, would be indeed really useful. For example, I have a Smartlist called “To test” with tickets ready to test. I currently order those tickets by “last activity” as a proxy for “This ticket status is “ready to test” since xx days”.

This would be useful. It is very important to see the last comments you sent, this is helpful to keep track of whether somebody did something you asked them to do via commenting.