Feature requests: Latest Comment attribute, task duration in Calendar, Files/Docs hub, more due date/start date customization (incl. time)

  1. Can you add a “Latest Comment” attribute that shows the last comment entered for a task (without having to open the task). I’d prefer to be able to put my notes into the task comments so they’re saved in the task’s history.

  2. For the Calendar view, can you please add more options/settings, such as color tasks by X, and also be able to see the entire duration of a task that spans more than a day (start to end), similar to Google calendar? (A “Master Calendar” would be awesome, too.)

  3. It would be so helpful to have a “Docs/Resources/Files” section where we can create docs or save files that we could keep in one location, but also have associated with specific tasks/lists.

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Hey, Jenee!

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  1. Are you able to elaborate a bit more about this feature? Would having a separate “Notes” section suffice? For what it’s worth, we’re working on a Notion integration that may make it easier to capture task notes.

  2. Definitely working to improve our Calendar view and each of these features are on the list of improvements :slight_smile:

  3. We’re considering implementing a Files section for better file management, as well.

Hi Akila, thank you for your response!

I created a task attribute to enter quick one-off notes, but most of the time I find myself putting in bits of info that I would like to retain as part of that task’s history/comment feed and be able to refer back to for info I’ve forgotten, etc. I know they’re captured in the chat history, but although that’s called “Chat”, it really includes all activity related to the task.

It’d be nice if 1) there was a dedicated activity feed for just task comments/notes, and 2) if, when a comment is entered on a task, it automatically displayed in a “Latest Comment” attribute (ClickUp has something like this). If you ever did implement a feature like this, it’d be nice to have full rich text (vs markdown) editing available and be able to turn comments into tasks, etc.

I don’t use Notion, so I’m not sure what that integration would be like, but I’m always a fan of built-in functionality vs. integrations that require you to sign up for another product, if that makes sense.

Ahh, gotcha! I totally understand the preference for native functionality over integrations. A separate activity feed specific to comments/notes sounds sweet and the comment attribute would be nice as well. I’ll pass these along with the team!

Also, not sure if this is what you mean by “turn comments into tasks,” but our current design allows you to easily create new tasks and subtasks directly from task comments: