Task form multi-select issue

Hey all, I’ve a small issue with the task form.

When the field is not required I am unable to select options.

Registrazione schermo 2022-10-14 alle 09.29.37

While if the field is required I am able on the first place, but not if I close the selector and I try to open it again. (Unable to post a second gif, new user).

Am I missing something?

Here’s the screen-grab of the behavior when the field is required.

Registrazione schermo 2022-10-14 alle 09.30.01

Any news on this? I am using this feature a lot and the bug is annoying.

Hey, Andrea! Major apologies for the delay – we’re looking into the issue and will circle back with a fix/update shortly!

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Circling back on this, we’ve issued a fix so all should be clear on your end with a refresh! Thanks again for the report!