Calendar week/day view? Google Calendar integration?

  • Are there plans for expanding the calendar with week view and day view?
  • Are there plans for Google Calendar integration?
  • Are there plans for the possibility to add start/end times to tasks?

Timeblocking is a pretty important method of working, which is now not possible in calendar week (or any other view for that matter).

Planning your day and week also heavily benefit from a week/day view and/or Google Calendar integration.

Hi Max,

Thanks for reaching out!

A definite yes to the first two feature requests; no firm ETA on when either will be released but we’re for sure planning to improve our Calendar views and functionalities (which include calendar integrations.) In the interim, you may be able to integrate Height with external calendars by using our Zapier integration.

As for Start and End times, for now, the only related feature would be our native time tracking that lets you start and stop timers to log task durations. If you’re wanting to have a specific Start time or End time field for tasks, you can create a custom attribute to track those values.

Hope this helps – let me know if you have any further questions!


Thanks for your reply Akila.

I’m very impressed by how is evolving, love the UI and several features. But the lack of calendar (or at least a built in Google Calendar two-way sync support) is a dealbreaker. Imho, this should be also implemented before thinking about AI. I’ve seen the Zapier integration, but the setup is a bit of a hassle.

So I will keep on following how develops, but for 2024 I will go back to (same priced) I’m afraid. Far from ideal (way too many bells & whistles), but with an excellent calendar, very good recurring tasks settings and easy task-description editing.

Hopefully in 2025 I can come back to!


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Appreciate the honest feedback, Max! Totally understand that we’re not the best fit for now, but definitely continue following us to stay updated! Thanks for trying us out :smiley: