[Feature Request] ISO Week (e.g. W45) Number Format in Task Table

I am writing to recommend an enhancement to Height that would greatly improve our team’s productivity. Currently, the week-date format in the task table displays as “Nov 6 - Nov 12” or similar.

Our team prefers using the ISO week numbering system, which involves week numbers like “W45,” rather than specific dates. This format is more useful and easier to sync with our internal processes.

Therefore, we kindly request the addition of a feature that allows us to switch between the detailed date format (e.g., “Nov 6 - Nov 12”) and the ISO week format (e.g., “W45”) in the task table. This feature would not only benefit our team but also other teams that use a similar sprint-naming structure.

Thank you for considering this feature. We believe it would be highly valuable, and we are available to provide further clarification if needed. We look forward to your positive response.

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Thanks so much for the request. I’ll definitely pass this along to our team for consideration, and circle back if/once it’s implemented!