[Feature Request] Save and name multiple views per list


List and Kanban views are customizable and it is very nice. But we may need to change view parameters (List or Kanban), like Sorting, Section by, SubSection by… And it is irritating to have to re-set everything when we want to find a certain view.

It could be nice if we could save and name a view with parameters, and select it when we want to show it. This could avoid to duplicate lists.


Quentin B.

Hey, Quentin! A cool workaround to preserve specific views is to create smart lists. For example, if you’re wanting to view an #engineering list as Sectioned by Assignee and Sorted by Priority, you can can Save as the view setting into a separate smart list for quick reference without disrupting the master list :slight_smile:

Hello Akila,

Thank you for this answer.

I understand how do it. At first, I did not want duplicate list, but in the end I’ll do it like this :slight_smile:

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