Semi-private and/or hidden-by-default notes within tasks

When working on tasks, I often have a lot of notes I type up, but I don’t want to inundate all of the subscribers of a task with that information. Instead, it’d be helpful to be able to set the visibility of messages so that I can type up my notes as I work on the task, but not have them visible by default in the message list (which is where I’m hoping they’ll appear). It seems helpful for others to be able to toggle whether they see those notes, so they wouldn’t be completely private, and it’d certainly be helpful to toggle the visibility after the fact, such as if I left a very long note accidentally as a message, and wanted to make it a note instead.

As a workaround, I’m aware I can create subtasks or even private tasks and keep all of my notes and running commentary there, but it feels a bit hidden and removed from the task at hand when it’s tucked away somewhere else.

More succinctly (?), within the messages list, be able to toggle between adding a note or a message. Notes are hidden from others by default, but they have a toggle to show/hide them. Notes don’t show up inside a subscriber’s inbox nor are they notified of them – they’re not intended for communication with others and a response isn’t expected. My assumption is they’ll get a different visual style, both when composing and when they become visible.

Anyway, that’s the idea, that Chat is both an inner chat and a shared chat.

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Hi, Matthew!

Thanks so much for the detailed suggestion!

We truly value your feedback so rest assured that we will take it into consideration when developing ways to streamline our user experience.

In the interim, an additional workaround is to house the notes in a google doc (or any other note taking platform) and post the link in the description of the task. Doing this will allow for the notes to essentially be housed in the same place as the associated task, but it won’t inundate subscribers with constant updates.

Hope this helps, and thanks again for the feedback :smiley: