Why does Height switch to "Offline" after 10 seconds?

I’m test-driving Height. After spending an hour or two successfully importing 100 tasks, changing them around, I tried adding some additional lists.

That seemed to go well, but later I noticed Height was displaying a red “Offline” notice in the upper left corner, and indicated that “While offline, changes won’t be saved.” I tried everything I could think of to get Height to recognize I was connected, but eventually I had to reload the page – and all task edits and new lists I’d created and applied (which were < 10 in this trial mode) were gone.

That’s fine; this is just a test of Height… but why is this happening, and what are the options for keeping Height online?

Oof! Sorry about that! By chance did your computer go to sleep at any point, or was the system completely active prior to the offline error?

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It is very likely that I put my PC into Sleep mode briefly during the day in between making changes in Height.

Interestingly, after restoring my PC from sleep this morning, not only is Height not (yet) going into Offline mode after a few seconds, it looks like my last changes yesterday were saved after all!

That is an excellent feature. :slight_smile: If there’s a way to keep Height out of Offline mode, or tell it to go back Online, that would be optimal.

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That’s great! Super happy to hear that your changes were indeed saved. We admittedly have seen encounters where a sleeping system triggers the offline error, but glad to see that it was resolved :+1:

Well, this is peculiar: the same thing is happening again.

All of today I was able to leave Height running in a browser window, and it never went Offline. I even put my PC to sleep and woke it up several times – no Offline mode.

But now – it’s 12:43 PM local time here, just as it was about this same time last night – Height goes into Offline mode after about 10 seconds again.

Bummer :confused: Sorry about that! We’ll check things on our end to see what’s causing the issue.

And once again, when I come back to my list of tasks in the morning (11 AM local time), I’m no longer Offline and no longer being taken Offline after ten seconds! There definitely seems to be something consistently time-dependent about this.

I’ve got a couple more ideas for exploring this from my side as well.

Gotcha, thanks so much for the update! We’ll add this info to the report :+1:

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