Tasks In Multiple Lists? Need Multiple Status Support (And Subtask Status Flow) (Like Multi-Homing in Asana - See Explanation)

Hi Height Team - Big fan of what you’re done here!

Unfortunately, I’m unable to move from my current tool (Asana) until there is support added for multiple statuses (i.e., One Status Per List) if the two lists do not use the same status grouping.

If the two lists have the same status flow, great – there is the same status displayed for both lists. But let’s say, for example, a marketing person working on a project had very Marketing-Specific Statuses for that project, but then they multi-home that task into another list for Accounting to send an invoice for it. Accounting is going to have their own status flow (i.e., To Invoice, Invoice Sent, Invoice Paid, etc.) - It would be nice to be able to have those multiple statuses front-and-center for the stakeholders so that everyone can use the actual status feature. The same 3 statuses simply do not work for all departments.

On top of that, the subtasks should be able to just be checkboxes (or “To Do” and “Done” statuses) rather than a full status flow

There may be workarounds using custom attributes instead of actual statuses, but when it is already native as a “Status” in Asana it is hard for our team to no longer see their workflow as “status.”

Hey, Alex! Thanks for the thorough context!

I’m not sure if you’re aware, or if you are aware but it’s still not exactly what you want, but we allow for teams to create different Status collections based on their exact workflows. With this, users can simply select the necessary collection from the Status dropdown and use the ones that are specific to their team. It’s a few extra clicks, but it definitely addresses your need for teams to align their statuses with their exact flows.

(Also, to minimize clicks, you can always just quickly type the exact status you want to use – regardless of the status collection it’s in – in the status field to immediately apply it!)

As for subtasks, the reason we allow for specific statuses other than To do/Done is because some teams divide their tasks into super granular parts that require specific status updates.

Hope this helps!

Hi Akila,
Thank you for the response here! Understood what you are referring to, and this is helpful, but I was referring to one task having multiple statuses. It looks like Custom Fields/Sorts is the only way to accomplish this right now — is that correct?

If I’m being unclear apologies — Here is an example from Asana that I am referring to, where once you multi-home a task, the statuses for each list become available (for anyone who has access to both lists.) The statuses are not combined into one long list of unrelated statuses.


Thank you!

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Ahhh, I see. That’s a pretty cool feature! In that case, you’re right. Creating custom attributes would be the best way to replicate this flow in Height.

Hi Akila -
Understood. Thank you!

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